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If you are already running an antivirus program, it may incorrectly warn that the PAV.SIG signature file from PC Pitstop's virus scanner contains a virus. The signature file contains patterns from viruses so that our scanner can recognize them as it scans files on the drive. To use this scanner in those cases, you should either turn off your existing antivirus scanner or add PAV.SIG to the file exceptions list on your antivirus scanner. If prompted to block access to PAV.SIG during the scan, select the option in your antivirus scanner that allows the scan to continue.

Please Wait: Loading the antivirus scanner...

We recommend . . . our Quick Scan option. It checks for viruses in the most commonly affected directories (without taking forever to complete)!
Checks for viruses in the most common places: running executables (their disk files), boot sector, root directory, Windows and Windows System directory, and the My Documents directory. Usually takes only a couple of minutes.
A complete virus check of C drive. Very thorough, but it can take ten minutes or more on a drive with many applications installed. Dial-up users: Some ISPs may disconnect a dial-up connection if it "appears" inactive for a long period of time. If this happens, the scan will continue to run but you'll need to log back on to PC Pitstop to review your results.

To scan a drive other than C, use the Custom Scan.
Scan subdirectories
Enter the name of a file, drive or directory to scan, or click the Browse button to choose a directory. To scan all directories below the one you enter, check the "Scan subdirectories" check box.
PC Pitstop's Anti-Virus utility uses ActiveX technology to detect the most common virus infections without having to leave your browser. You must have Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher and enable both ActiveX and JavaScript.

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For a free comprehensive tune-up of your PC, run our full set of PC Pitstop tests. It takes only a few minutes, and you don't even leave your browser. We check for security problems, survey disk health, measure overall system performance, and compare your system performance to similar models. After testing, you get a easy-to-read report with specific recommendations and on-the-spot repairs. Take it for a spin!

Virus scanning technology on this page was developed by Panda Software.


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