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Our free Web-based virus scan uses Panda Software's award-winning technology and virus list. We're checking against the "wildlist," the roughly 200 viruses that are most prevalent in the world in a given month.

What Is a Virus and How Does It Spread?

Simply put, a virus is a type of software that infects a computer. Viruses can be a simple prank—an annoying pop-up message or blue screen, for instance. But too often a virus is a malicious and outright attempt to destroy data and programs. More

Protect Your PC: Top 5 Tips

Follow these essential guidelines to give your PC a fighting chance against viruses. More

AntiVirus Software

If we detect a virus, it's vital—crucial—that you disable and remove the virus immediately. It's also a good idea to install permanent virus protection, so you won't get a virus again. We recommend McAfee VirusScan Online or Panda Titanium as the quickest and easiest virus scanners.

Important! To avoid conflicts, please temporarily disable any active background virus checking software before scanning, or add our signature file (PAV.SIG) and CAB file (PITPAV.CAB) to your exclusion list. See why.


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