Endpoint Performance, Stability & Security

PC Matic MSP is a powerful cloud based remote management & monitoring tool that allows MSPs to deliver maximum Performance, Stability & Security for their clients' systems.

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Optimize Endpoint Performance

How PC Matic MSP saves businesses money:

  • More work gets done with faster computers.
  • Freezing computers reduce employee productivity and morale.
  • Well maintained computers last longer, improving asset value.
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We Are the Cloud

PC Matic MSP lives and breathes in the cloud. Endpoint maintenance is initiated through the cloud, and reported back to the cloud so technicians never need to be present at the end point.

PC Matic MSP provides real time updates, and a vast library of reports across all your computers.

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Reseller Opportunities

All your customers already have endpoint security and now you can sell those same customers endpoint performance allowing you to double your revenue with the same customers. PC Matic is the leader in endpoint performance allowing you to enter many accounts that were previously unreachable.

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Identify New Customers

PC Matic MSP includes a prospecting tool that will help you identify new business opportunities and maximize your profitability.

  • Learn more about the PC Matic MSP Prospecting Tool

  • Customization

    PC Matic MSP is available for white labeling for companies wanting to put their brand on this powerful tool.

    PC Matic MSP is Rewarding

    In addition to the sheer satisfaction of helping your customers be more profitable, your company reaps awards based on sales volumes. As the sales volume grows, so does your award level and profits.

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    Tools for Success

    We are here to help your company become more successful. PC Pitstop will provide marketing and sales literature for your client proposals and presentations. We will also provide ongoing sales training and online webinars. The PC Matic MSP remote management features enable you to be more efficient and cost effective while you service your customers.

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  • Learn more about PC Matic MSP (PDF)
  • PC Matic MSP Quick Start Guide (PDF)

  • Dedicated Technical Support

    PC Pitstop has been in business for 19 years, and we take great pride in our technical support. We have assembled an experienced and knowledgeable team that focuses on customer response and quick and accurate technical responses. Dedicated PC Matic MSP Partner Technical Support is also available via phone.

    For more information contact us via: msp@pcmatic.com