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Dell Computer Corp. Drivers

Product Category Latest Driver Version Latest Driver Date
Dell Wireless Monitor Virtual HID Control Device Screenovate 2/29/2016
System Firmware 01.06.00 Firmware 01.06.00 2/25/2016
Dell ControlVault w/o Fingerprint Sensor CVAULT 6.1.7600.20299 11/23/2015
Dell ControlVault w/ Fingerprint Swipe Sensor CVAULT 6.1.7600.20225 11/20/2015
Dell P2214H(Analog) Monitor 9/2/2015
Dell P2214H(Digital) Monitor 9/2/2015
Dell P2214H(DisplayPort) Monitor 9/2/2015
Dell P2414H(Analog) Monitor 9/2/2015
Dell P2414H(DisplayPort) Monitor 9/2/2015
Dell ControlVault w/ Fingerprint Touch Sensor CVAULT 6.1.7600.20218 8/5/2015
Dell USB 3.0 Dock USB Display Adapters 7.9.447.0 8/5/2015
Dell C1660w Color Printer printer 7/13/2015
Dell Color MFP E525w PCL 6 printer 7/9/2015
Dell E525w Scanner Image 6/12/2015
Dell UP2716D (HDMI) Monitor 5/27/2015
Smart Card Reader Keyboard SmartCardReader 5/25/2015
Dell Color MFP E525w Fax printer 4/26/2015
DELL PERC RAID Virtual Device System 6.801.5.0 4/2/2015
PERC H730P Adapter SCSIAdapter 6.602.35.0 4/2/2015
Dell E2416H(Analog) Monitor 3/23/2015
Dell E1916HV (Analog) Monitor 3/11/2015
Dell Color MFP E525w PS printer 2/2/2015
Dell 1130 Laser Printer GDI printer 1/6/2015
Dell B1165nfw Mono MFP GDI printer 12/30/2014
Dell P2416D(Analog) Monitor 12/24/2014
Dell MFP E515dw Ports 12/19/2014
Dell E515dw Scanner Image 12/3/2014
Dell MFP E515dw printer 11/25/2014
Dell Printer E310dw printer 11/25/2014
Dell B1160w Mono Laser Printer GDI printer 11/14/2014
Dell B1163w Mono MFP GDI printer 11/14/2014
PERC H730 Adapter SCSIAdapter 6.602.12.0 11/3/2014
DELL U2515H(miniDisplayPort) Monitor 9/23/2014
Dell U3415W(miniDisplayPort) Monitor 9/11/2014
PERC H310 Adapter SCSIAdapter 6.803.21.0 8/1/2014
DELL U2715H(miniDisplayPort) Monitor 7/3/2014
Dell D2015H (Analog) Monitor 6/16/2014
Dell C1765 MFP Scanner Image 5/21/2014
Dell S2715H (HDMI) Monitor 5/19/2014
Dell PERC H200 Adapter SCSIAdapter 5/14/2014
Dell S2415H(Analog) Monitor 4/29/2014
Dell S2415H(HDMI) Monitor 4/29/2014
Dell E2015HV (Analog) Monitor 4/11/2014
Dell E2215HV (Analog) Monitor 4/11/2014
Dell E2715H (DVI) Monitor 4/10/2014
Dell B1260dn Mono Laser Printer XPS printer 3/25/2014
Dell B1160w Mono Laser Printer XPS printer 3/17/2014
Dell B1165nfw Mono MFP XPS printer 3/17/2014
Dell B1265dfw Mono MFP XPS printer 1/24/2014
Dell P2815Q (HDMI) Monitor 11/15/2013
Dell UZ2715H(DisplayPort) Monitor 11/12/2013
Dell UZ2315H (DisplayPort) Monitor 10/14/2013
Dell UZ2315H (HDMI 1) Monitor 10/14/2013
Dell UZ2315H (HDMI 2) Monitor 10/14/2013
Dell C1765nf Color MFP Fax printer 9/23/2013
Dell C1760nw Color Printer printer 9/11/2013
Dell PERC S110 Configuration Device System 9/4/2013
Dell PERC S110 Controller [storport] SCSIAdapter 9/4/2013
Dell U2414H(DisplayPort) Monitor 8/29/2013
Dell U2414H(HDMI1) Monitor 8/29/2013
DELL E1715S(DisplayPort) Monitor 8/28/2013
Dell E2314H (Analog) Monitor 8/27/2013
Dell E2314H (Digital) Monitor 8/27/2013
Dell U2913WM (DP) Monitor 8/22/2013
Dell UP2414Q (DP) Monitor 8/14/2013
Dell UP2414Q (HDMI) Monitor 8/14/2013
Dell UP2414Q (MiniDP) Monitor 8/14/2013
Dell E1914H(Analog) Monitor 8/10/2013
Dell P2213 (Digital - DVI) Monitor 8/2/2013
Dell P2314H (DP) Monitor 8/2/2013
Dell P2314H (DVI) Monitor 8/2/2013
Dell P2314H (VGA) Monitor 8/2/2013
Dell E2014H(Analog) Monitor 7/30/2013
Dell E2014H(Digital) Monitor 7/30/2013
Dell S2240T(Analog) Monitor 7/24/2013
Dell S2240T(HDMI) Monitor 7/24/2013
DELL PERC 5/i Integrated SCSIAdapter 6.600.21.8 7/22/2013
PERC H710 Adapter SCSIAdapter 6.600.21.8 7/22/2013
DELL S2240L(Analog) Monitor 7/20/2013
DELL S2240L(HDMI) Monitor 7/20/2013
DELL S2240M(Analog) Monitor 7/20/2013
DELL S2240M(Digital) Monitor 7/20/2013
DELL S2340L(Analog) Monitor 7/20/2013
DELL S2340L(HDMI) Monitor 7/20/2013
DELL S2340M(Analog) Monitor 7/20/2013
DELL S2340M(Digital) Monitor 7/20/2013
DELL E1913(Digital) Monitor 2.0 7/12/2013
Dell U2412M(DisplayPort) Monitor 6/15/2013
Dell B1163w Mono MFP XPS printer 6/1/2013
Dell E2014T (HDMI1) Monitor 5/20/2013
Dell E2014T (HDMI2) Monitor 5/20/2013
Dell E2014T (VGA) Monitor 5/20/2013
Dell P2714T (HDMI1) Monitor 5/20/2013
Dell E2214H(Analog) Monitor 5/13/2013
Dell E2214H(Digital) Monitor 5/13/2013
Dell P2414H(Digital) Monitor 5/2/2013
Dell B1163w Mono MFP Image 6.3.9600.17415 4/30/2013
Dell E2414H (Analog - VGA) Monitor 4/8/2013
Dell E2414H (Digital - DVI) Monitor 4/8/2013
Dell B1160 Mono Laser Printer printer 3/27/2013

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Also, with many wireless adapters it is important to stay current as updates often contain security fixes. A driver update may also improve stability and performance, or may fix issues with games, programs and power management.

New drivers can unlock additional features for a device that may not have been available before. If you receive notification from a program or a manufacturer that a newer driver is available, it would be a good idea to check the release notes and see what’s different than the driver you’re already using.

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