Welcome to the PC Pitstop File Extension Library, the internet's most complete and comprehensive source for file extension information. Over the years PC Pitstop has developed numerous free scans that diagnose various PC performance issues. Over 200 million scans that have been run all over the world contribute to our file extension libraries.

Welcome to the PC Pitstop File Extension Library

PC Pitstop's File Extension Library is the internet's most complete and comprehensive source for file extension information. Over the years PC Pitstop has developed numerous free scans that diagnose various PC performance issues. Over 200 million scans that have been run all over the world contribute to our file extension libraries.

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File Extensions Found

Extension Most Used Application File Name
k IrfanView i_view32.exe
k06 WISO-Sparbuch 2005/2006 wiso2006.exe
k07 WISO-Sparbuch 2006/2007 wiso2007.exe
k08 WISO-Sparbuch 2007/2008 wiso2008.exe
k09 WISO-Sparbuch 2008/2009 wiso2009.exe
k1 werkkzeug1.exe werkkzeug1.exe
k25 MAGIX Digital Foto Maker 8 fotomaker.exe
k26 File Association Manager fam.exe
k2p Kruptos 2 Professional kruptos2pro.exe
k2s File Association Manager fam.exe
k3d HiCAD hicad.exe
k3g GOM Player gom.exe
k3l launch.exe launch.exe
k5 Karaoke Song List Creator2010 Professional KJ Edition karaoke.exe
k5m Karaoke Song List Creator2010 Professional KJ Edition karaoke.exe
k6d 建築みつも郎8 実行本体 km8win.exe
k6g みつも郎ブラウザ mcview.exe
k7e Kerridge client application kclient.exe
k81 GKPro gaebkonverter.exe
k82 GKPro gaebkonverter.exe
k83 GKPro gaebkonverter.exe
k84 GKPro gaebkonverter.exe
k85 GKPro gaebkonverter.exe
k86 GKPro gaebkonverter.exe
k8d Windows Virtual PC Application Launcher vmsal.exe
k8f 建築みつも郎8 書式設定 km8form.exe
k8g みつも郎ブラウザ mcview.exe
k99 kontokon.exe kontokon.exe
k9d 建築みつも郎9 実行本体 km9win.exe
k9f 建築みつも郎9 書式設定 km9form.exe
k9g みつも郎ブラウザ mcview.exe
kab Android バックアップツール androidbackuptool.exe
kac Aangiftemodule voor particulieren kac2010.exe
kad KOKUYO 合わせ名人3 aw3s.exe
kadelman Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
kag File Association Manager fam.exe
kakurosudokuandfriendssavedgame Kakuro, Sudoku & Friends loader-wt.exe
kal K-Series ECU Manager kmanager.exe
kam kamviewer.exe kamviewer.exe
kan geoview.exe geoview.exe
kap MaxSea MFC Application maxsea.exe
kaptainbraweabrawenewworldsavedgame Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World brawe-wt.exe
kar Winamp winamp.exe
kar miz:mod:mdz:nst:stm:stz:s3m:s3z:it:itz:xm:xmz Winamp winamp.exe
kar¨miz:mod:mdz:nst:stm:stz:s3m:s3z:it:itz:xm:xmz Winamp winamp.exe
karbon andkarbon.exe andkarbon.exe
karðmiz:mod:mdz:nst:stm:stz:s3m:s3z:it:itz:xm:xmz Winamp winamp.exe
karina_currie VLC media player vlc.exe
karmiz:mod:mdz:nst:stm:stz:s3m:s3z:it:itz:xm:xmz Winamp winamp.exe
karomatixthebrokenworldsavedgame KaromatiX The Broken World karomatix-wt.exe
kas Kassenbuch buchen2.exe
kat Karteikasten karteikasten.exe
katyandbobsavedgame Katy and Bob: Way Back Home katyandbobwbh-wt.exe
kaz Verse Editor Plus for Card Crafters myveplus.exe
kb File Association Manager fam.exe
kb1 弥生会計 05 起動モジュール kaikei1.exe
kb11 弥生会計 11 起動モジュール ykaikei11.exe
kb12 弥生会計 12 起動モジュール ykaikei12.exe
kb13 弥生会計 13 起動モジュール ykaikei13.exe
kb2 弥生会計 06 起動モジュール kaikei2.exe
kb3 弥生会計 06 R2 起動モジュール kaikei3.exe
kb4 弥生会計 07 起動モジュール kaikei4.exe
kb5 弥生会計 07 R2 起動モジュール kaikei5.exe
kb6 弥生会計 08 起動モジュール kaikei6.exe
kb7 弥生会計 09 起動モジュール kaikei7.exe
kb8 弥生起動モジュール ymactivate.exe
kba ソースネクスト 携快電話 ランチャ keikailauncher.exe
kbd ParsNegar's Keyboard Design Module kbd-def.exe
kbf myinfo.exe myinfo.exe
kbillingbackup kBilling - Billing Software for Windows kbilling.exe
kbj Kitchen Builder kbuilder.exe
kbk KIFUBASE kifubase.exe
kbl Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
kbm ことといLight(EPWING検索ソフトウェア) kotol.exe
kbook 에피루스 내서재 시작프로그램 mylibrarystart.exe
kbp Karaoke Builder Studio kbpro.exe
kbr kplayer.exe kplayer.exe
kbs File Association Manager fam.exe
kc2 dpmpv.exe dpmpv.exe
kcb Kacis ノート2 kacisnote.exe
kcc Kerridge client application kclient.exe
kcd PCB CAD K2CAD k2cad.exe
kce Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host wscript.exe
kcf cbparent.exe cbparent.exe
kch elite.exe elite.exe
kci Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
kci~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
kcj コリャ英和!一発翻訳 2012 翻訳エディタ k13translationassistant.exe
kck keisin.exe keisin.exe
kcl File Association Manager fam.exe
kcx cbparent.exe cbparent.exe
kcz 電子公文書ビューア lgdvie~1.exe
kd Kronen-Design kronends.exe
kd1 弥生会計 05 起動モジュール kaikei1.exe
kd11 弥生会計 11 起動モジュール ykaikei11.exe
kd12 弥生会計 12 起動モジュール ykaikei12.exe
kd13 弥生会計 13 起動モジュール ykaikei13.exe
kd2 弥生会計 06 起動モジュール kaikei2.exe
kd3 弥生会計 06 R2 起動モジュール kaikei3.exe
kd4 弥生会計 07 起動モジュール kaikei4.exe
kd5 弥生会計 07 R2 起動モジュール kaikei5.exe
kd6 弥生会計 08 起動モジュール kaikei6.exe
kd7 弥生会計 09 起動モジュール kaikei7.exe
kd8 弥生起動モジュール ymactivate.exe
kdb KeePass Password Safe 1.17 keepass.exe
kdbx KeePass Password Safe 1.17 keepass.exe
kdbx_log Notepad notepad.exe
kdc Picasa Photo Viewer picasaphotoviewer.exe
kdc~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
kde File Association Manager fam.exe
kdevdlg File Association Manager fam.exe
kdevelop File Association Manager fam.exe
kdevprj File Association Manager fam.exe
kdf Kinko's File Prep Tool kfplm.exe
kdh CAJViewer 6.0 cajviewer.exe
kdi File Association Manager fam.exe
kdj softmemoriboW softmemoribo.exe
kdk File Association Manager fam.exe
kdl K-Series ECU Manager kmanager.exe
kdm pythonwin.exe pythonwin.exe
kdmp File Association Manager fam.exe
kdn KUDO IMAGE BROWSER kudobr.exe
kdp Kronen-Design kronends.exe
kdr au Music Port aumusicport.exe
kds File Association Manager fam.exe
kdt tabiwin.exe tabiwin.exe
kdv Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro karaok~1.exe
kdw КОМПАС-3D EXE kompas.exe
kdz File Association Manager fam.exe
ke2 Keyboard Express, a Windows macro program keyplayer.exe
kea Executor Assistant execasst.exe
keb KoobeViewer koobe.exe
kebn KoobeViewer koobe.exe
kebv KoobeViewer koobe.exe
kec TA Mainte Console Application kxtamainteconsole.exe
kecg New100A1 Microsoft 基础类应用程序 keep-i~1.exe
ked KE5 アプリケーション ke5.exe
kee Fekete License Wizard feketelicensewizard.exe
kef iTunes itunes.exe
keg Kシリーズ端末エミュレータ グループ起動 kiconmng.exe
kel iv.exe iv.exe
ken ProjektManager Versions-Selektion 2010 pmvers~1.exe
kep SAP KW Viewer Application sapshow.exe
keq Karma karma.exe
ker Kernel for Windows Data Recovery kernel~1.exe
kes File Association Manager fam.exe
keturacomparison Araxis Merge merge.exe
kev 桐 ver9-2009 kiri9.exe
kex Keyboard Express, a Windows macro program keyplayer.exe
kexi andkexi.exe andkexi.exe
kext File Association Manager fam.exe
key Registry Editor regedit.exe
key~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
key-64bit Notepad notepad.exe
key-backupbyhdinspectorportable Registry Editor regedit.exe
keyboardlanguage Qliner Hotkeys hotkeys.exe
keyboardlayout Qliner Hotkeys hotkeys.exe
keyboardstyle Qliner Hotkeys hotkeys.exe
keyboardtool Qliner Hotkeys hotkeys.exe
keychain File Association Manager fam.exe
keychest str3em.exe str3em.exe
keydr Desktop-Reminder 2 desktopreminder2.exe
keyfile SimAQUARIUM sa2.exe
keyframe 秀丸エディタ hidemaru.exe
keyinfo WinKey MFC Application winkey.exe
keymap Soundplant 39 soundplant39.exe
keynn neatnoteskeyinstaller.exe neatnoteskeyinstaller.exe
keys Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
keys_aes Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
keyscheme XMap® 8 xmap.exe
key-tef File Association Manager fam.exe
key-tshirts Notepad notepad.exe
keywords EnCase encase.exe
kf nifskope.exe nifskope.exe
kfa nifskope.exe nifskope.exe
kfe E-钻文件夹加密大师 ediamond.exe
kfl 2007 Microsoft Office component outicon.exe
kfm nifskope.exe nifskope.exe
kfml Java(TM) Platform SE binary weka.jar
kfn KaraFun - Karaoke player and editor karafun.exe
kfp KaraFun - Karaoke player and editor karafun.exe
kfpthegamesavedgame Nancy Drew - Curse of Blackmoor Manor game-wt.exe
kfr Aries 32-Bit Universal Database Client kfinde~1.exe
kfs 酷狗音乐2010 kugoo.exe
kft KwickFit - Panel Layout Optimizer kwickfit.exe
kfx Pagis Editor xifview.exe
kfz KFZ32 kfz32.exe
kgb KGB Archiver kgb_arch_decompress.exe
kgd creativedesignchartmaker.exe creativedesignchartmaker.exe
kge KGB Archiver kgb_arch_decompress.exe
kgi Kartex kartex.exe
kgm 酷狗音乐2010 kugoo.exe
kguv123 Radio Programmer Engine radioenginev4u.exe
kguv6 Radio Programmer Engine radioenginev4u.exe
kguv920 Radio Programmer Engine radioenginev4u.exe
kha kharkov.exe kharkov.exe
khb HagakiPrint アプリケーション kihprint.exe
khd File Association Manager fam.exe
khe kHED khed.exe
khi File Association Manager fam.exe
kht Keynote Internet Testing Environment recorder.exe
khub Offline Course Player olprequest.exe
ki2 柿木将棋Ⅷ Light kshogi8l.exe
kia Kidspiration® kids3.exe
kic File Association Manager fam.exe
kid Kidspiration® kids3.exe
kids 에피루스 내서재 시작프로그램 mylibrarystart.exe
kif 柿木将棋Ⅷ Light kshogi8l.exe
kik imkr2.exe imkr2.exe
kin Kine kine.scr
kingarthursavedgame King Arthur kingarthur-wt.exe
kingdomofsevensealssavedgame The Enchanted Kingdom - Elisa's Adventure kingdom-wt.exe
kingmaniasavedgame KingMania kingmania-wt.exe
kingoddballsavedgame King Oddball kingoddball-wt.exe
kingslegacysavedgame King's Legacy klegacy-wt.exe
kip QQ International timwp.exe
kipx QQ International timwp.exe
kiraanimerawr_commissions-_specials,_tamurross,_s Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
kis making every second count... more.exe
kisf SkinInstaller Module skininstaller.exe
kismac File Association Manager fam.exe
kit Microsoft Expression Design design.exe
kitchenbrigadesavedgame Kitchen Brigade kitchenbrigade-wt.exe
kittensanctuarysavedgame Kitten Sanctuary kittensanctuary-wt.exe
kix OFX明細の取り込み mom6ofx.exe
kiz PictureViewer Application pictur~1.exe
kj j・ソウル/KJ js_kjn.exe
kj1 JDL IBEX工事台帳 ファイルロード kojirecvload.exe
kj2 柿木将棋Ⅶ kshogi7.exe
kj3 柿木将棋Ⅷ kshogi8.exe
kjb Microsoft® Works Word Processor wkswp.exe
kjp kantanaddresspro4.exe kantanaddresspro4.exe
kjs King James Pure Bible Search kjvcanopener.exe
kk 快快游戏 kkgame.exe
kk0 KFK kfk.exe
kk1 Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
kk3 KalKreator 3 kalkreator3.exe
kkb 家計簿,出納簿ひかる hikaru32.exe
kkc dpphonebookkcr.exe dpphonebookkcr.exe
kkd ザ・換気計算メインモジュール tkcmain.exe
kkf Kaleidoscope Kreator 2.0 kalkreator.exe
kkksave Soranica Ele malie.exe
kkpt 快快游戏 kkgame.exe
kkrbak2sp loader.exe loader.exe
kkrbak3 loader.exe loader.exe
kkrdat2sp loader.exe loader.exe
kkrdat3 loader.exe loader.exe
kks 美图看看 kankan.exe
kkt karteikartentrainer605.exe karteikartentrainer605.exe
kkv Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
kkw Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
kla KLADR kladr.exe
klb Kid Pix Deluxe 3D Trial kidpix3d.exe
klc embird.exe embird.exe
klf KaloMa - Der Kalorienmanager kaloma.exe
klg File Association Manager fam.exe
kli NETELLER app neteller-app.exe
klip NETELLER app neteller-app.exe
klk Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
kll ローン・貯蓄計算 loan.exe
klm Tclkit, a standalone runtime for Tcl/Tk klimb.exe
klmmap World Timetable application timeta~1.exe
klmptt World Timetable application timeta~1.exe
klmu World Timetable application timeta~1.exe
klok klok2.exe klok2.exe
klp ローン・貯蓄計算 loan.exe
kls ローン・貯蓄計算 loan.exe
klt fletter fletter.exe
kltheme klguimanager.exe klguimanager.exe
klx KLabelX MFC アプリケーション klabelx.exe
km Fahrtenbuch fahrbuch.exe
km3 karaokemedia_home.exe karaokemedia_home.exe
kma km6.exe km6.exe
kmc File Association Manager fam.exe
kmcobj File Association Manager fam.exe
kmd SinglePlayer MFC Application singleplayer.exe
kmh FileMaker Pro Runtime vyper300a.exe
kmi kmusic.exe kmusic.exe
kml Google Desktop googledesktop.exe
kml' Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
kml[1] Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
kml~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
kmm File Association Manager fam.exe
kmp Notepad notepad.exe
kmp~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
kmr File Association Manager fam.exe
kmulligan Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
kmv liteCAM Application litecam.exe
kmw KM Wakeup kmwakeup.exe
kmx Keyman Shell Integration kmshell.exe
kmy File Association Manager fam.exe
kmz Google Desktop googledesktop.exe
kmz~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
knb kinenb~1.exe kinenb~1.exe
knd Mein Geld 2010 mg.exe
kne A cross-platform note taking application keepnote.exe
knf KnaufTerm knaufterm.exe
kngsave kingdoms.exe kingdoms.exe
kni Klango klango.exe
knk CADlink MFC Application cadlink.exe
knl Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host wscript.exe
knm KeyNote keynote.exe
kno Personal Knowbase knowbase.exe
knpcm Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host wscript.exe
knr Klingon Honor Guard klingons.exe
knt File Association Manager fam.exe
kntx kinetics.exe kinetics.exe
knx Workforce Connect knx.exe
knysave Soranica Ele malie.exe
knz Mein Geld 2010 mg.exe
ko File Association Manager fam.exe
koa Nero Photosnap Image Viewer photosnapviewer.exe
kob Thomson Reuters Eikon 3.2, Eikon Desktop, 3GB eikon.exe
kobra-multimedia-news Thomson Reuters Eikon 3.2, Eikon Desktop, 3GB eikon.exe
kobx Thomson Reuters Eikon 3.2, Eikon Desktop, 3GB eikon.exe
koc My Home Designer gbase3d.exe
kodak File Association Manager fam.exe
kodak[1] Microsoft Office Picture Manager ois.exe
kodak[2 Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
kodak[3] Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
kodak[4 Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
kodak[5 Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
kodu File Association Manager fam.exe
koex Thomson Reuters Eikon 3.2, Eikon Desktop, 3GB eikon.exe
kof Thomson Reuters Eikon 3.2, Eikon Desktop, 3GB eikon.exe
kofx Thomson Reuters Eikon 3.2, Eikon Desktop, 3GB eikon.exe
kog KAOSSILATOR PRO Editor kaossilatorproeditor.exe
koh neurallab.exe neurallab.exe
kok KaraFun - Karaoke player and editor karafun.exe
kokbak2sp loader.exe loader.exe
kokbak3 loader.exe loader.exe
kokbak4 loader.exe loader.exe
kokdat2sp loader.exe loader.exe
kokdat3 loader.exe loader.exe
komodoproject ActiveState Komodo komodo.exe
komodotool ActiveState Komodo komodo.exe
kon Yahoo! Widgets yahoowidgets.exe
kong Reason program file reason.exe
kongskullislandadventuresavedgame Kong: Skull Island Adventure kong-wt.exe
koob File Association Manager fam.exe
kop KAOSSILATOR PRO Editor kaossilatorproeditor.exe
kor File Association Manager fam.exe
kordat3 loader.exe loader.exe
kordat4 loader.exe loader.exe
kos ArKaos VJ VMP Application arkaos.exe
kov 风雷影音 fenglei.exe
kow Thomson Reuters Eikon 3.2, Eikon Desktop, 3GB eikon.exe
kowx Thomson Reuters Eikon 3.2, Eikon Desktop, 3GB eikon.exe
koz File Association Manager fam.exe
kp4data KRSPay4 krspay4.exe
kpa KP3 Editor kp3editor.exe
kpb ケータイNinja-電話帳 ktninjapb.exe
kpcur KpInstallTheme Microsoft 基础类应用程序 kpinstalltheme.exe
kpd kBilling - Billing Software for Windows kbilling.exe
kpe Kore2 kore2.exe
kpf ActiveState Komodo komodo.exe
kpg File Association Manager fam.exe
kph KRyLack Password Recovery klpassrec.exe
kpi Kaplan IT Learning Center klcfilemgr.exe
kpicon KpInstallTheme Microsoft 基础类应用程序 kpinstalltheme.exe
kpj kureha.exe kureha.exe
kpkd padKONTROL Editor Librarian padkontroleditor.exe
kpkg padKONTROL Editor Librarian padkontroleditor.exe
kpks padKONTROL Editor Librarian padkontroleditor.exe
kpl The KMPlayer kmplayer.exe
kplato andkplato.exe andkplato.exe
kplgui KpInstallTheme Microsoft 基础类应用程序 kpinstalltheme.exe
kpm Ambrose Piano Tabs pianotabs.exe
kpp Kid Pix 4 kp.exe
kpr kvs.exe kvs.exe
kprar KpInstallTheme Microsoft 基础类应用程序 kpinstalltheme.exe
kps Stardock SkinStudio sknstdio.exe
kpscd KPS Click & design kps.exe
kpscr KpInstallTheme Microsoft 基础类应用程序 kpinstalltheme.exe
kpt Panotour panotourpro_x64.exe
kptheme KpInstallTheme Microsoft 基础类应用程序 kpinstalltheme.exe
kpx Kid Pix 4 kp.exe
kpz ActiveState Komodo komodo.exe
kq3save King's Quest III Redux kq3redux.exe
kqiisave Adventure Game Studio run-time engine kq2vga.exe
kqisave Adventure Game Studio run-time engine kq1vga.exe
kqp MGI PhotoSuite for Windows 95 psuite.exe
kr1 2PAT : Wavetable Instrument Converter 2pat.exe
kra andkrita.exe andkrita.exe
krabbyquestsavedgame SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Quest spongebob-wt.exe
krb KeyringPDF client krspdf.exe
krbackup KeyringPDF client krspdf.exe
krc FlashGetOpenHelp flashgetopenhelp.exe
krd keyringcreator2.exe keyringcreator2.exe
krf KeyringFLASH DLC Client dlcclient.exe
krfb KeyringFLASH DLC Client dlcclient.exe
krissxsavedgame Kriss X krissx-wt.exe
kristal KRISTAL Audio Engine kristal.exe
krk きろくでん kiroku.exe
krkbak4 loader.exe loader.exe
krkbak5 loader.exe loader.exe
krkdat4 loader.exe loader.exe
krkdat5 loader.exe loader.exe
krldl KeyringPDF client krspdf.exe
krm KeyringPDF client krspdf.exe
krmedia KeyringPDF client krspdf.exe
kro XnView for Windows xnview.exe
krp ca_edge.exe ca_edge.exe
krpdfd bookend Desktop krlib.exe
krs WM8 MFC Application wm60.exe
krt Itinerary Converter & Planner itnconv.exe
kry Cryptographer cryptographer.exe
krydoc コリャ英和!一発翻訳 2011 翻訳エディタ k12translationassistant.exe
krypter krypter2000.exe krypter2000.exe
krz 4DCrossStitcher.exe 4dcrossstitcher.exe
ks EmEditor emeditor.exe
ks10 フレーム構造解析-立体 kozo3d10.exe
ks3 Ecrin ecrin.exe
ks8 ks2012.exe ks2012.exe
ksb windg01_en.exe windg01_en.exe
ksc File Association Manager fam.exe
ksd WinRAR archiver winrar.exe
ksf The KMPlayer kmplayer.exe
ksg 積算システム本体 waza.exe
ksh sh.exe sh.exe
ks-ia1 Infinite Algebra 1 infinite-1.exe
ks-ia1;ia1;ks-ipa;ks-ig;ks-ia2 Infinite Pre-Algebra infini~1.exe
ks-ia1;ia1;ks-ipa;ks-ig;ks-ia2;ks-ic Infinite Pre-Algebra infini~1.exe
ks-ia2 Infinite Algebra 2 infinite-2.exe
ks-ia2;ia2;ks-ipa;ks-ia1;ks-ig Infinite Pre-Algebra infini~1.exe
ks-ia2;ia2;ks-ipa;ks-ia1;ks-ig;ks-ic Infinite Pre-Algebra infini~1.exe
ksica I Can Animate icananimate.exe
ks-ig Infinite Geometry infinitegeo.exe
ks-ig;ig;ks-ipa;ks-ia1;ks-ia2 Infinite Pre-Algebra infini~1.exe
ks-ig;ig;ks-ipa;ks-ia1;ks-ia2;ks-ic Infinite Pre-Algebra infini~1.exe
ks-ipa Infinite Pre-Algebra infinitepre.exe
ks-ipa;ipa;ks-ia1;ks-ig;ks-ia2 Infinite Pre-Algebra infini~1.exe
ks-ipa;ipa;ks-ia1;ks-ig;ks-ia2;ks-ic Infinite Pre-Algebra infini~1.exe
ksk NETELLER app neteller-app.exe
ksl Karaoke Song List Creator2010 Professional KJ Edition karaoke.exe
ksln opendmis.exe opendmis.exe
ksm embird.exe embird.exe
kso Tskwin.exe tskwin.exe
ksp Dazzling Reflections kscope.exe
kss Winamp winamp.exe
kst WebSentinel websentinel.exe
ksx Client hmsplayer.exe
kt1 弥生会計 05 起動モジュール kaikei1.exe
kt11 弥生会計 11 起動モジュール ykaikei11.exe
kt12 弥生会計 12 起動モジュール ykaikei12.exe
kt13 弥生会計 13 起動モジュール ykaikei13.exe
kt2 弥生会計 06 起動モジュール kaikei2.exe
kt3 KeyText keytext.exe
kt4 弥生会計 07 起動モジュール kaikei4.exe
kt5 弥生会計 07 R2 起動モジュール kaikei5.exe
kt6 弥生会計 08 起動モジュール kaikei6.exe
kt7 弥生会計 09 起動モジュール kaikei7.exe
kt8 弥生起動モジュール ymactivate.exe
ktb SOFT TITLE BRAIN アプリケーション softtitlebrain.exe
ktc ケータイ・リンク ktlink.exe
ktd KE5 アプリケーション ke5.exe
ktdat KtWin フリー版 ktwin.exe
kte KE5 アプリケーション ke5.exe
ktf ケータイ・リンク ktlink.exe
ktfdt KtWin フリー版 ktwin.exe
ktg windg01_en.exe windg01_en.exe
kth File Association Manager fam.exe
kti Create Your Own iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Apps. appcobra.exe
ktk Macromedia Projector miamath.exe
ktl ケータイ・リンク ktlink.exe
ktm ケータイ・リンク ktlink.exe
ktp File Association Manager fam.exe
ktr contactzone.bat contactzone.bat
kts ケータイ・リンク ktlink.exe
ktt KeyText keytext.exe
ktu ケータイ・リンク ktlink.exe
ktw KE5 アプリケーション ke5.exe
kty Tskwin.exe tskwin.exe
ktz File Association Manager fam.exe
kudos2savedgame Kudos 2 kudos2-wt.exe
kudosrocklegendsavedgame Kudos - Rock Legend kudosrocklegend-wt.exe
kudossavedgame Kudos kudos-wt.exe
kui WKUI MFC アプリケーション wkui12.exe
kurossavedgame Kuros kuros-wt.exe
kux RealPlayer realplay.exe
kv6 File Association Manager fam.exe
kva Player KVA format videoplayerwindow.exe
kvb Klick-N-View Business Cards knvb.exe
kvi windg01_en.exe windg01_en.exe
kvm Karma karma.exe
kvpn Notepad notepad.exe
kvr Verse Editor Plus for Card Crafters myveplus.exe
kvt mysecurityvault.exe mysecurityvault.exe
kvtml File Association Manager fam.exe
kwbd Keyword Builder kwbuilder.exe
kwbp2 Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
kwbz keywordblaze.exe keywordblaze.exe
kwd File Association Manager fam.exe
kwk Tajima DG/ML by Pulse dgml.exe
kwm File Association Manager fam.exe
kwp Ecrin ecrin.exe
kwpatch Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
kwreplay File Association Manager fam.exe
kws main controller wordsmith.exe
kwss Keyword Strategy Studio kwsspro.exe
kxl wk1000.exe wk1000.exe
kxp kalendarz.exe kalendarz.exe
kxpd kalendarz.exe kalendarz.exe
kxtxcrr Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host wscript.exe
kxzmrc Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host wscript.exe
ky1 Link Checker Pro linkcheckerpro.exe
ky2 Link Checker Pro linkcheckerpro.exe
ky4 inspect40.exe inspect40.exe
kyb 弥生給与起動モジュール ykyuyo11.exe
kyo Kyodai Mahjongg kmj.exe
kyp KyPlot Lite Edition kyplite.exe
kyr 弥生給与起動モジュール ykyuyo11.exe
kys Adobe Photoshop CS4 photoshop.exe
kyxx99x Medi@Show Viewer Module player.exe
kz vdj.exe vdj.exe
kzi windg01_en.exe windg01_en.exe

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