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What is twcapp.exe? TWCApp.exe

Vendor:      The Weather Channel
Product:     The Weather Channel App
Vendor Website:     
Last Seen by PC Pitstop:      No Data

Process is Bad PC Pitstop has analyzed this process and determined that there is a high likelihood that it is bad.
Process is questionablePC Pitstop has analyzed this process and determined that the safety of this process is questionable.
Process is goodPC Pitstop has analyzed this process and determined that there is a high likelihood that it is good.
Process is goodThis process is a Microsoft or Windows process, but many viruses use this file name to escape notice.

Purpose: TWCApp.exe -

twcapp.exe is returning insufficient information about this program.

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twcapp.exe is known to be a bad process. Start this Free scan to check your other threats to your PCs security, like this file.
twcapp.exe could be a harmful process. Start this Free Scan to check for threats to your PC Security.
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twcapp.exe is a Microsoft or Windows process but some versions of this exe carry viruses.
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Percentage of recently scanned PC's with this process running: 0.04%
Average CPU use for this program: 0%
Average RAM for this program: 95 MB

Program Name MD5 Count

MD5 Hashes Expand md5 List Collapse md5 List
# Status MD5 File Info Last Seen Signed Day Week Month Threat info
1 Status 0x20414398e7056e4d5e2084e6c325a1b5 More File Information 5/17/2018 Signed 0 1 24 Not Applicable
2 Status 0xb40b5215e9bfa26a396e8c5f2092d92b More File Information 5/16/2018 Signed 0 2 17 Not Applicable
3 Status 0x11943f519297f718d5a89ca44f9e2b76 More File Information 5/16/2018 Unsigned 0 4 44 Not Applicable
4 Status 0x8e361fc37d2e432b76dc25b8a439f6b6 More File Information 5/16/2018 Unsigned 0 4 90 Not Applicable
5 Status 0xb7175f5253fb8e0c097b5c09ee87138c More File Information 5/14/2018 Unsigned 0 0 36 Not Applicable
6 Status 0x183d6764c29f5fec677b144b349b62da More File Information 5/13/2018 Unsigned 0 0 6 Not Applicable
7 Status 0x4916401fe5cec4307902eb60ceb7be3f More File Information 5/13/2018 Signed 0 0 4 Not Applicable
8 Status 0x3dc94a2e3d510de2c4efd5c85d7098a9 More File Information 5/12/2018 Signed 0 0 65 Not Applicable
9 Status 0xdc20a00f595c048e868f98897467fe55 More File Information 5/9/2018 Signed 0 0 2 Not Applicable
10 Status 0x3f98fffe0c6e36063ad44a0ff84947f5 More File Information 5/8/2018 Signed 0 0 7 Not Applicable
11 Status 0x3e56f9dabd73495d719958f5d882d832 More File Information 5/3/2018 Unsigned 0 0 1 Not Applicable
12 Status 0xe4dfdc1583bfba78fe382bbecf3fec18 More File Information 4/16/2018 Unsigned 0 0 0 Not Applicable
13 Status 0xeebda9e5185c1599be81b8f68af29b67 More File Information 4/11/2018 Unsigned 0 0 0 Not Applicable
14 Status 0xdfc689e6eed0f9750e6bf311c870b48e More File Information 9/13/2017 Unsigned 0 0 0 Not Applicable
15 Status 0xbc927eb674cf0bfc9d833433b26982d0 More File Information 7/2/2015 Unsigned 0 0 0 Not Applicable
16 Status 0x5255b64f1e68389ca38e89cef1019b99 More File Information 1/6/2014 Unsigned 0 0 0 Not Applicable
17 Status 0x6a3efde10c74fc2798ddf1f282bc47bc More File Information No Data Unsigned 0 0 0 Not Applicable

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