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Welcome to the Compaq Computer Satisfaction Reviews

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COMPAQ kq513aa-aba sr5510f Satisfaction Reviews

Average Satisfaction
  3.11 out of 4

Percent Freezing

Percent Slow

kq513aa-aba sr5510f

PC Type
Commercial Desktop

Total Votes: 243


Compaq Computer
Date Comments Satisfaction
3/27/2011 11:50:23 PM This computer boots on its own from time to time.
  4.00 out of 4
12/1/2010 5:19:16 AM recent trojans found, installed new antivirus and firewall, has been running slow since
  4.00 out of 4
11/14/2009 12:18:58 PM windows vista
  4.00 out of 4
4/25/2010 9:58:36 AM I have used pc pitstop for years I trust it. Thanks
  4.00 out of 4
12/27/2009 5:53:12 AM Good Computer. Really have enjoyed it for everyday use. Have had occasional system dumps. The computer then wont turn on for a couple days. Dont really know much about that.
  4.00 out of 4
12/4/2012 1:26:01 PM Great support. Very satisfied with customer support received from representative....
  4.00 out of 4
7/18/2012 12:54:29 PM still a little slow
  3.00 out of 4
1/2/2011 9:29:12 PM It seldom crashes, and works fast enough for me. Microsoft has made the Help function on older applications inoperative, but that is not the computer's fault.
  3.00 out of 4
8/2/2013 7:23:30 PM Just started with pc matic so will have to see how the process gos..
  3.00 out of 4
6/21/2010 1:17:45 AM Compaq system bought by the family decent system overall, but hard to maintain and came with bad HDD that had to be replaced
  3.00 out of 4
8/30/2010 2:08:18 PM I know I can get better performance from this computer but I'm not real knowledgeable on what & how to fix any of the problems my computer has.
  3.00 out of 4
8/31/2010 10:42:58 AM ok
  3.00 out of 4
2/26/2012 1:55:08 PM at times runs slow
  3.00 out of 4
2/3/2012 12:12:57 PM unable to run Windows backups
  2.00 out of 4
10/15/2010 12:27:46 PM This has been a great computer for 2 years now until I started having troubles with it a couple weeks ago. Since the troubles began I have gotten more and more unhappy with it.
  2.00 out of 4
7/27/2015 7:19:04 PM runs slow
  2.00 out of 4
1/30/2011 12:01:10 PM freezes up alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2.00 out of 4
6/29/2013 6:29:15 PM Slow boot time.
  2.00 out of 4
2/11/2010 12:48:11 AM ie7 constantly stops running then restarts after popup constant runtime error pop ups
  2.00 out of 4
8/4/2011 8:41:10 PM freezes, slow
  2.00 out of 4
9/6/2012 3:56:46 PM I can only use the computer in safe mode and the speakers dont work or some of the site will not work.
  2.00 out of 4
7/26/2011 9:20:14 PM it sucks i need a new one
  1.00 out of 4