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Welcome to the Acer Inc. Satisfaction Reviews

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ACER veriton m460 Satisfaction Reviews

Average Satisfaction
  3.15 out of 4

Percent Freezing

Percent Slow

veriton m460

PC Type
Commercial Desktop

Total Votes: 204


Acer Inc.
Date Comments Satisfaction
1/21/2011 8:51:26 AM This computer locks up while loading websites
  4.00 out of 4
11/8/2009 11:02:33 AM Working well.
  4.00 out of 4
1/21/2012 5:29:41 PM I would expect it to work fast after using it
  4.00 out of 4
9/30/2010 3:40:31 PM Some web pages do not load properly - blank with Done or Error on page message
  3.00 out of 4
5/9/2010 9:53:24 PM once is a while
  3.00 out of 4
6/7/2012 3:56:35 AM problems with recognizing external hard drives.
  3.00 out of 4
7/2/2014 12:49:47 AM First scan after installing as PC Matic said to do
  3.00 out of 4
8/6/2011 3:53:08 PM turns off on occassion and reboots itself
  3.00 out of 4
3/8/2011 4:10:21 AM Could be faster but additional memory doesn't help it is counterproductive
  3.00 out of 4
2/16/2013 5:19:51 AM Unusual beeping noises, frequend blue screens, lock ups, restarts, fans needed to be replaced, etc.
  2.00 out of 4
7/1/2013 9:12:25 PM The computer runs extremely slow, even when only one program is open. I have deleted unneeded programs and done disk defragment and it doesnt seem to help it any. Hoping the pcmatic works or we will need to dump it and start over from scratch.
  2.00 out of 4
3/30/2011 5:12:28 PM The computer keeps restarting with our consent
  1.00 out of 4