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This Month
A Burst of Battery Life
Want more time on your laptop? These tips will help you squeeze every last ounce of juice your battery can muster.
Notepad Tips and Tricks
Sometimes simple is the perfect solution. Rob shares some suggestions for using Notepad.
Problems with XP SP3
With the release of SP3 came a host of problems. Is it safe to upgrade or should you wait? Find out what we recommend.
New WinPatrol Release
The 2008 version of WinPatrol is now available. BillP studios have added a great new feature.
PC Pitstop
Free Performance Scan
Optimize 2.0 - Try Now!
Now with a deeper registry scan and even more tweaks to maximize the performance of your PC!

Bits From Bill
Good, Bad, and Ugly XP SP3
Bill's clear-cut article points out good and bad thinking points for current and potential Windows XP SP3 upgraders.
Free Scans
Driver Alert
Driver Alert
PC Update
Improve system functionality & stability.
Free Spyware Scan
Stop Spyware from slowing your PC.
Disk Health
Disk MD
Drive Refresh
Keep your Hard Drives working at full speed!
Personal Data Profiler
PC Profiler
Learn what others may discover about you!
Win Patrol Free Trial
PC Watchdog
Who is watching your PC's front door?
Full Test
PC Checkup
Most complete
PC analysis available.
PC Trends
ReadyBoost SchmeddyBoost
Is it really possible to boost the speed of a Vista PC with a USB flash drive? We gave it a MacGyver-like try.
Rob on the Radio
Rob recently took to the airwaves to discuss XP, Vista & more. Listen in on his Computer America interview.
Craplets & Bloatware Survey
Just how bloated is your PC feeling? Would you pay extra for a 'craplet-free' system?
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Tech Tips
Lost Recycle Bin
Accidentally delete your recycle bin? This tip from stormy13 brings it back!
IE Cache Fix
If your IE Cache is Overflowing, use this tip from McRuck to clear the cache and prevent future overflow.
Spot Fake Emails Easily
Ever get bogus emails from your bank or Paypal? With this tip from 8210GUY, spotting scams is as easy as pie.
* $100 goes to the best tips each month.
Special Offers
* Roboform - Top Rated Password Manager
FREE TRIAL! Still logging in by hand? Let Roboform log in for you! No keystrokes to track, no hassle for you.
* Crucial Technology - Best Memory Prices & Selection
Nothing improves system performance more than more memory. Crucial makes the right memory upgrade easy to find, easy to buy, and easy to install. Check out their memory now.

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