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PC Pitstop Newsletter
June 2007
Article Is Your PC Feeling Bloated?
Who is the bloatware King? And the Queen? This new video documents the prevalence of bloatware in 8 new PCs.
* Hard Drive Freedom Part II
In our latest video, the PC Pitstop Research Team investigates hidden partitions on 30 new systems.
* I Pimped My PC Contest
Show us how you've tricked out your PC in a Youtube video. Check out the details in the forum.
* Screen Capture Made Easy
FastStone's FREE capture tool lets you capture your desktop and custom regions! Thanks to Jacee for the tip!
* Opaque Icons
Are your desktop icons obscuring your wallpaper? Show every inch of your background with this tip from mme.
* Pit Sprints Winners!
The contest is officially over. We are very excited to announce the latest and greatest achievements in overclocking!
* $100 goes to the best tips each month.
* Online Video Viewing
Are you a YouTube fan? Do you Google videos? Do you get referrals from friends or other sites? We're dying to know!
* What's Obsolete? What's Not?
You let us know what buttons you like to push, now find out if other people agree. Get the obsolescence survey results!
* Bloatware On The Rise
Our research shows that the prevalence of three applications in particular have more than doubled in the past year.
* You could win $100 for participating in our current surveys! See all past winners.
Free Performance Scan PC Performance Scan
Find out if your PC is running at maximum performance with our free scan.
Disk Health Disk Health
Get your disk spinning at peak performance with the most thorough disk analyzer in the biz.
Free Spyware Scan Spyware Scan
Spyware installs without your knowledge, and reduces system performance and reliability.
Personal Data Profiler Personal Data Profiler
Our profiler helps you learn a lot about the user of a PC. Or learn what others may discover about you!
Driver Scan Driver Scan
Drivers are constantly being updated to improve the functionality and stability of your PC.
Full Test Full Tests
Put your PC through our free full tests for the most thorough analysis of your PC's performance, reliability and security.
* Exclusive Hoyle Game Offer
PC Pitstop has teamed with Hoyle to offer three great game bundles. Try today for free!
* Most Popular Partition Manager
Automatically or manually merge, split, resize, copy, and move partitions without losing data
* Digital Media Report
This report tracks global installation rates across a wide number of music services.

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