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Top 10 Newsletter Articles/Videos of 2007

An analysis of click thru rates for our newsletters in 2007 reveals the 10 most popular Articles/Videos and Tips of the past year.

Rank Article
#1 50 Tips for a Super Fast PC
#2 Vista 6 Months Later
#3 Vista Migration Video
#4 Firefox Video
#5 Apples to Apples Video
#6 Free Software
#7 Vista Back Ups You Can't Have
#8 Illusions of Vista
#9 Planned Obsolescence
#10 Bloatware Video

Top 10 Tips of 2007

Rank Tip
#1 Free Open Source Applications
#2 PC Process Explorer
#3 XP Tweak Guide
#4 Caps Lock Tip
#5 Control Panel Addon
#6 Email Forwarding
#7 New Boot Screen
#8 Valuable Vista Tweaks
#9 Opaque Icon Tips
#10 Move Files Tip
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I am getting so old I can't remember them all.

Who you been F L O C K I N G lately? Sorry couldn't resist.
Wow, thats a nice report, its interesting to see what people are looking for, free stuff clearlly wins, awsome
Good work Bruce.

Interesting that my free opensource applications tip had the most hits.

I titled the post the way I did for a reason.

Just saying "open source" applications and it would have died a quick and sudden death in the wonderful world of windows software seekers. Mostly because of misinformation about the term.

However, say the words "free software" and they come in hordes

Regardless of how I enticed folks to look at it, I am glad I was able to expose them to great Open Source software.

The word f l o c k i n g is in the word filter?
Everyone else has a Top 10 list for 2007 - why not PC Pitstop?

An analysis of click thru rates for our 2007 newsletters reveals the most popular articles/videos & tips of the past year.
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