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* Vista: 4 Months Later (3:10)

Rob's Vista Migration Update

* Way of the Upgrade (2:03)

Video Contest Winner

* Apples 2 Apples (5:50)

PC vs. Mac - Who wins?

* Bloatware (5:04)

Is your PC feeling a bit bloated?

* H.D. Freedom II (4:33)

When is the hard drive in your new PC not your own?

* Hard Drive Freedom (5:22)

Rob documents his crusade to reclaim his hard drive space.

* Vista Migration (5:20)

Rob shares his experience migrating from XP to Vista.

* Firefox Conversion (2:10)

Rob outlines Firefox features that compelled him to stop using IE.

* Software Stocks (4:56)

An inside look at the software industry.

* Laptop Explosion (4:55)

What's a notebook battery fire? 6 foot flames, 1000 degree temperatures.

A Battle for Hard Drive Freedom

PC Pitstop research has shown that many PC vendors are making a practice of creating a separate partition on a system's primary hard drive in which to store the systems' original restoration information. Rob's new video documents his crusade to reclaim his hard drive space on his new PC. Thanks to Acronis Disk Director Suite he was able to accomplish his goal.

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chengrob: A Battle for Hard Drive Freedom (Wed, 16 May 2007 02:11:12 GMT)
I believe that Partition Magic is incompatible with Vista.
merchanb: A Battle for Hard Drive Freedom (Tue, 15 May 2007 22:21:27 GMT)
QUOTE(Keith_L @ 1:07am Thu May 10 2007) [snapback]1364001[/snapback]

Boot Partition Magic from a floppy, CD, Thumb Drive, USB drive, etc.
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