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AutoFix Repairs

Below is a list of AutoFixes currently available from PC Pitstop. (Some AutoFixes that were previously offered are obsolete and no longer available for download.) Please note that we advise using an AutoFix only when you receive a specific recommendation to do so. We provide this list so that you can see all the fixes that we offer, and so that you can retrieve an AutoFix that you previously used. How to undo an AutoFix?

Important Security Note: NEVER run a file that claims to be from PC Pitstop unless you retrieved it from yourself. It could be an out-of-date version, or may even have been changed by someone to add a virus or do damage to your system.

Questions? Problems? More information about running AutoFixes.

More PC Pitstop downloads

Download Optimize

PC Pitstop Optimize removes unnecessary files to free up hard disk space, turbocharges your Internet settings, cleans out invalid registry keys to make your system more stable, and tweaks settings to increase system performance. Try it!



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