PC Pitstop Internet Connection Center

Internet Connection Center

Bandwidth Tests

Measure Bandwidth

Our bandwidth test measures both the speed that your computer can receive data from the Internet and transmit data to the Internet. This Flash-based test gives you the opportunity to check your ping time, download bandwidth, and upload bandwidth from your choice of four servers, located in Los Angeles, California; Dallas, Texas; Washington, D.C.; and London, England.

Ping Tests

Measure Ping Times

PC Pitstop's ping test can help you determine if poor performance is the result of your computer, your connection, or Internet congestion.

Trace Routes

Our trace route test can show you the path that your data takes through the Internet to reach a particular site.

Command Line Utilities

iCheckConnection Utility

iCheckConnection is a downloadable command-line utility that pinpoints problems if you are having trouble connecting to the Internet or to a specific site. It can also verify that a site is running properly and measure performance between your PC and any Internet site.

nslook Utility

nslook is a downloadable command-line utility that determines an IP address from a DNS name, and a DNS name from an IP address--helpful for getting to the root of spam or network security attacks.

PC Matic Pro

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