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Welcome to the Gateway Satisfaction Reviews

See below results for reviews relating to GATEWAY 600yg2.

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GATEWAY 600yg2 Satisfaction Reviews

Average Satisfaction
  2.91 out of 4

Percent Freezing

Percent Slow
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Total Votes: 102

Date Comments Satisfaction
7/13/2010 5:05:46 PM Very few problems with this PC. It has always performed exceedingly well.
  4.00 out of 4
10/17/2014 12:36:53 PM I would like to have yu change your software window so my email address and name does not show. I give away a coupel of my licens to reletives and dont like them to see it someone one may try to make changes to my account or renew with out my knowing about it. Please try to change that practice
  4.00 out of 4
3/28/2010 7:02:15 PM alsaher
  4.00 out of 4
3/4/2010 11:24:42 PM will ckeck to see if it works better
  3.00 out of 4
1/17/2010 1:50:57 PM Just slow running
  3.00 out of 4
12/12/2009 12:11:53 PM Sometimes at shut down I must do a reset.
  3.00 out of 4
12/16/2009 3:54:50 PM It's an older pc laptop but has most if not all features I require for my day to day operations
  3.00 out of 4
12/10/2009 2:41:32 PM slightly older laptop, could be better if upgrades were availible
  3.00 out of 4
4/13/2010 9:14:04 PM not bad for age
  3.00 out of 4
6/21/2009 10:42:51 AM For it's age it seems to be doing rather well.
  3.00 out of 4
12/8/2009 3:34:15 PM Sometimes it does not shut down, requires reset.
  3.00 out of 4
8/24/2016 8:32:20 AM would like if my personal info was not at top of program
  3.00 out of 4
12/10/2010 9:11:50 AM i hope its faster
  3.00 out of 4
12/7/2009 9:20:42 PM It seems to run just fine! At times it will not close windows even though it says it is closing, requires a reset!
  2.00 out of 4
9/25/2014 8:09:55 AM Fast internet slow surfing
  2.00 out of 4
12/1/2009 7:36:38 PM very slow
  2.00 out of 4
12/7/2009 9:09:09 PM It seems to run just fine! At times it will not close windows even though it says it is closing, requires a reset!
  2.00 out of 4
12/12/2009 12:41:10 PM Put new memory in for a total of 2 gigs and it is a laptopI have dsl and it is running slow.
  2.00 out of 4
2/26/2010 9:14:53 AM Boot up is ttill slow after Windows starts loading. screen stays blue for e minute or two before desktop back ground displaies
  2.00 out of 4

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