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Welcome to the PC Pitstop Satisfaction Reviews. We have the largest PC customer satisfaction database in the world consisting of user performance ratings as well as comments related to PC satisfaction. We hope this helps everyone make more informed PC purchase decisions.

Welcome to the Satisfaction Reviews

See below results for reviews relating to  laptop 14-ck0xxx.

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 laptop 14-ck0xxx Satisfaction Reviews

Average Satisfaction
  3.57 out of 4

Percent Freezing

Percent Slow
laptop 14-ck0xxx
PC Type
Total Votes: 106

Date Comments Satisfaction
2/1/2019 4:10:09 PM works very well
  4.00 out of 4
7/22/2018 3:08:26 PM Brand New
  4.00 out of 4
3/18/2019 12:37:57 PM Ease of use
  4.00 out of 4
4/6/2019 7:49:29 AM It is a new computer purchased 4/4/19
  4.00 out of 4
3/31/2019 7:01:02 AM this computer is new
  4.00 out of 4
9/25/2018 10:28:26 PM its brand new
  4.00 out of 4
10/28/2018 5:57:05 PM So far the best success I've had with avoiding viruses and garbage that tears up computers. thanks for a great product at an affordable price.
  4.00 out of 4
11/23/2018 3:12:04 PM IT WORKS ON MY OTHER UNITS
  4.00 out of 4
8/5/2018 10:29:19 AM its new...
  4.00 out of 4
8/12/2018 8:49:20 PM new pc...
  4.00 out of 4
9/23/2018 5:01:33 PM Brand new for a grand-daughter so just getting started
  4.00 out of 4
9/23/2018 7:03:33 PM new for grandchild, just getting started.
  4.00 out of 4
3/2/2019 11:10:40 AM brand new so don't have comments yet
  3.00 out of 4
8/6/2018 12:42:48 PM It replaced a chromebook with a 11.4" screen I just could not read any more.
  3.00 out of 4
2/12/2019 8:45:29 PM This laptop received a new harddrive and we do not have a history to know how satisfied--or not--we are with the PC.
  3.00 out of 4
7/23/2018 10:44:58 PM Just got this pc. The security apps that came with it have firewalls that don't let much in - including PC Matic. Had to turn them off to launch you. Now that I have you,I think it will be better.
  3.00 out of 4
1/25/2019 8:14:33 AM It is brand new
  3.00 out of 4
1/30/2019 8:46:35 AM If computer sits, the websites "lock up"
  2.00 out of 4
11/9/2018 9:30:04 PM It's slow. I thimk all the security that came on it slows it down. Once I finish this installation, I'm getting rid of what came on it. Not having my choice when to download updates is also a problem I think.
  2.00 out of 4

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