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Don’t Just Treat Virus Symptoms. Get The Cure

PC Pitstop believes that rather than treating the symptoms of computer viruses — removing viruses from your system after it’s been infected — the industry should focus on finding The Cure.

PC Pitstop’s PC Matic Home Security is a major step toward The Cure. Our approach makes it dramatically more difficult (and ultimately more costly) for virus makers to infect computers in the first place.



PC Matic uses cloud computing to let thousands of computers protected by PC Matic instantly share information and keep their virus defenses up-to-the-second strong.


We’ve used analysis of data and captured viruses to create a systematically better approach to blocking viruses.


We have a strategy that, if adopted by the industry as a whole, would deliver a crippling blow to criminals who today make billions by writing and deploying viruses.

For more information on PC Matic Home Security differs drastically from traditional AV software in approach and effectiveness, watch the video above then download PC Matic Home Security for free here.

For step-by-step details on how PC Matic Home Defense is a dramatic step toward The Cure for constant virus worries, read more.