Sample Data
20 Recent Samples
File Name Publisher ProductVersion Size (kb) Signed Time Stamp
PC Matic File Details
File Nameibsetup.tmp
File Pathc:\Users\*****\appdata\local\temp\60fg8ufm\ibsetup.tmp
MD5 Hash0x0478ce6b9a2e0704cb19a8dfab08fc1e
ibsetup IdleTime SoftwareIBuddyInstaller 11856 Y 02-26 20:15
PC Matic File Details
File Namemacaroovanish.exe
File Pathc:\Program Files (x86)\aristocraticplenarymacaroon\macaroovanish.exe
MD5 Hash0x2553429d9f8254941ba0b787ffcebde2
macaroovanish Obvious CekenyObvious Cekeny 4310 Y 02-26 20:14
A Real-Time List of Recent Virus Samples

The 20 programs listed above are all viruses that PC Matic has blocked and trapped very recently (often in the same day as you are reading this) that traditional anti-virus has yet to discover. The time stamp is a good indication of the rate at which PC Matic collects new samples and also the degree to which PC Matic users enjoy superior protection over traditional AV.

You’ll see some familiar brand names in the “Publisher” and “Product” fields — all of which are false. Virus writers use trusted names to try and fool you and your AV software into thinking these are legitimate programs. Hover over the plus sign to get more information about the sample. Included is the MD5 hash, the directory from which the file tried to execute, and the complete name of the file itself.

The database is live so if you hit refresh, you can see the new viruses entering our database real time.

Viruses are just one element of the threat to computers. The new frontier is called “exploits.” Read more.