Unsigned Unknown Viruses
Shut Down Anonymous Viruses

If a virus lists neither a digital signature nor a publisher/vendor, we categorize it as anonymous. Not surprisingly, PC Pitstop research shows about 85% of viruses are anonymous.

Because we use the cloud to connect every PC Matic-protected computer, we can quickly amass a list of legitimate programs that we categorize as anonymous. The composite list of legitimate programs — both signed and anonymous — is called the “white list.” If a file tries to enter a PC Matic-protected computer it is instantly checked against the white list. If the program is not on the list, it’s blocked. And, unlike other antivirus product that require periodic push of new lists and data to client computers, the cloud keeps PC Matic’s white list up-to-the-second accurate.

Besides the signature and publisher fields, our research also tells us that you can sometimes also spot a virus by a file size. Read more.