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Digital Media Desktop Report: November, 2006
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This report tracks the month-to-month global install base for leading digital music applications. Several types of applications are covered, including those related to paid downloads, subscriptions, music management, and file-sharing.

Tracked applications include Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer, Napster, Winamp, MTV Urge, eMusic Download Manager, Yahoo Music Engine, eMusic Download Manager, Kazaa, BearShare, Morpheus, and many others. The November report focuses more heavily on peer-to-peer applications and networks.

The data is culled from desktop monitoring of over 1.5 million PCs, and aggregated by media monitoring firm BigChampagne. Digital Music News is the leading source for news and information in the digital music industry.

This report includes:

(1) Digital Media Desktop Report: November 2006 (PDF; 10 pages)

(2) Data Dive: Detailed charts and data detailing installation levels, regional breakdowns,
ecommerce-specific services, and file-sharing applications and networks.

Table of Contents (Main Report)

This report examines both established and emerging application within the following areas:

  1. P2P Applications & Networks

    1. Networks At-A-Glance
    2. Gnutella, BitTorrent Rise; Others Slide
    3. Application Installation Levels At-A-Glance
    4. P2P Applications: Who Really Matters?
  2. Paid Download, Subscription, & Music Management
    1. Installation Levels At-A-Glance
    2. Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer: The Trio Reigns Again
    3. Zune Marketplace: Is It Bustling?
    4. Growth Applications: Rhapsody, Urge
  3. Additional Details on Companies Involved
    1. About Digital Music News Research Group
    2. About BigChampagne
    3. About PC Pitstop

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