PC Pitstop Holiday Shopping Survey

The results of our November 2007 Holiday Survey have been analyzed. Below are some of our findings.

While we recognize that the PC Pitstop survey sample likely maintains a bias towards PC enthusiasts - it is still somewhat surprising that nearly 70% of those responding - plan to purchase a new PC.
Of those planning to purchase a new PC, 65% plan to purchase a desktop ... somewhat surprising given projections that suggest portables will represent half of all PCs by 2008.

Of those classifying themselves as Novice users:
42.9% Desktops & 42.9% Laptops

Of those classifying themselves as Intermediate users:
65.8% Desktops & 29.1% Laptops>

Of those classifying themselves as Advanced users:
69.2% Desktops & 18.5% Laptops


Despite the wealth of relatively in-expensive desktop options currently available, 45.8% of those responding are prepared to spend $900 or more.


Laptop buyers are still prepared to pay the premium for portability with nearly 70% ready to spend $600 or more.

Only 6.5% of survey respondents say they won't do any holiday shopping online. 32.7% of females responding will do at least half of their holiday shopping online and 29.6% of males who plan to do the same.

Early reports suggest that online holiday sales have slowed in 2007. From November 1 through December 14 online shopping rose 18 percent. This pales in comparison the 26 percent growth rate posted in 2006 and below the 20-percent growth projected for this season.

68% of males and 63% of females responding to the survey plan to spend $500 or more.
Synchronized Lights, Inflatable Santas on Motorcycles ... Nearly 10 billion dollars will be spent on decorations this year and 83.7% of our survey respondents will spend $100 or less.

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From my experience, as a business owner...decorating the house for the holidays is the largest amount of shopping dollars spent.
Just ask any interior designer or decorator!

"Let's see, you came in today (the day after Thanksgiving) and you want to be completely remodeled by when?"
Interesting results.

Our experience has always been quite the opposite. Business dies off around mid-November (no sales, few repairs) and then picks up big time around mid-January. January-March is our busiest time of year by far for the past 7 years. So far this year seems the same. We've repaired very few computers since early November and sold none. I love the holidays!!
The results of our November 2007 Holiday Survey have been analyzed.
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