PC Pitstop Videos
* Vista: 4 Months Later (3:10)

Rob's Vista Migration Update

* Way of the Upgrade (2:03)

Video Contest Winner

* Apples 2 Apples (5:50)

PC vs. Mac - Who wins?

* Bloatware (5:04)

Is your PC feeling a bit bloated?

* H.D. Freedom II (4:33)

When is the hard drive in your new PC not your own?

* Hard Drive Freedom (5:22)

Rob documents his crusade to reclaim his hard drive space.

* Vista Migration (5:20)

Rob shares his experience migrating from XP to Vista.

* Firefox Conversion (2:10)

Rob outlines Firefox features that compelled him to stop using IE.

* Software Stocks (4:56)

An inside look at the software industry.

* Laptop Explosion (4:55)

What's a notebook battery fire? 6 foot flames, 1000 degree temperatures.

Market Research Video: Software Stocks

The PC Pitstop Market Research team is pleased to share this exclusive report detailing key trends related to publicly traded software companies. From anti-virus leaders like Symantec in a free fall of market share to the emergence of a new player in the Microsoft dominated office productivity space, this analysis uncovers some very intriguing shifts in the industry. View the video below to learn more.

A PDF version of the full report is available here.

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