US Income Tax Preparation Software Prevalence

Each year, the publishers of US tax preparation software bombard the ad space with their promotions for US tax preparation software. PC Pitstop took a look at just how prevalent this type of software is on US PCs. We also took a look at the most popular titles to see how they compare.

Each year, around October, the current tax year versions begin showing up on US PCs and the monthly prevalence's increase through April. Our research shows that overall prevalence actually decreased for the 2006 tax season. The 2007 tax season software ramp appears to be similar to previous years.

It is interesting to note differences between gender and age for the 2007 tax season software. As of December 2007, which is still early in the tax season, males were more than 4 times likely to have the tax preparation software. Prevalence by age bracket shows a strong correlation between age and the prevalence of the installed software.

Prevalence of Income Tax Preparation Software on US PCs - Summary

Prevalence of Top US Income Tax Preparation Software

2007 Tax Year Preparation Software - Prevalence by Gender

2007 Tax Year Preparation Software - Prevalence by Age Group

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