PC Pitstop Quick Program Scan

What is all that stuff running on your computer? Who made it, and where did it come from? PC Pitstop's Quick Scan can answer these questions for hundreds of common and not-so-common programs. When you click the Scan Now button below, we'll collect and analyze a list of the programs running on your systems. The result will be a color-coded table that tells you what the program does and whether you should remove it. We'll also show you the programs we can't identify.

Click on the name of any item below to get more information about what it is and whether you should remove it. Be especially wary of items listed in gray, which indicates we do not have any information about the program in our database. If you need help in identifying or removing a program, ask on our forums.

When you use the browser's back button to return to this page, it will show the results of the most recent scan, if one has already been performed. You can update the list of currently running programs by refreshing the page and pressing the Scan Now button again. None of the data from the scan on this page is saved at PC Pitstop; if you want to save this data for later use or to show to others, use our full tests and TechExpress feature.

Our analysis identified software running on this PC that may pose a threat. Spyware, adware, and trojan horse programs have the potential to compromise your privacy, display endless advertising, steal your personal information, or turn your system into a spamming engine that could be disconnected by your ISP. We recommend that you clean up your system immediately.

For easy removal and complete protection against spyware, adware, and other pests, we recommend PC Pitstop Exterminate. To help get control over your running programs we suggest WinPatrol Plus.

Entries are shaded based on threat level:
unknown, safe, optional, spyware/adware, virus.

    designates programs that can be disabled to improve computer performance, PC Pitstop Optimize disables these programs.

   NameVendorComplete File Name