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  • Remove existing Viruses & Malware

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  • What is PC Matic EverGreen ?

    With PC Matic EverGreen you can use PC Matic indefinitely and continue to get all the upgrades and feature enhancements for FREE. Other software companies offer perpetual licenses that lock you into a particular version and charge you when it is time to upgrade. Not with EverGreen! You will never have to spend more money to get the latest and greatest version of PC Matic.


Windows 8 Compatible Windows 7 Compatible Windows Vista Compatible Windows XP Compatible 30 Money Back Guarantee Made in the USA

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  • What is PC Matic?

    PC Matic is safe, secure, & simple to use software that automates the regular maintenance & preventative steps necessary to keep your PC fast & safe. Start with your Free Diagnosis today.

  • What will PC Matic do for Me?

    PC Matic will save you time, money and the aggravation of dealing with a PC that is infected with malware and operating at a fraction of its original speed. PC Matic can be set to automatically operate quietly in the background.

To Uninstall PC Matic

Go to Start>Programs>PC Pitstop>PC Matic>Uninstall PC Matic

PC Matic Specifications:Defragments disks, updates drivers, cleans registry, removes junk files,
optimizes broadband, scans and cleans security threats, benchmark suite, real time security protection,
removes unnecessary start up applications and services, accelerates downloads in FF and IE

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