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PC Matic Home Security
VB 100 Certified VB 100 Certified Windows 8 Compatible Windows 7 Compatible Windows Vista Compatible Windows XP Compatible Made in the USA

  • What is PC Matic Home Security?

    There is now a very profitable, technically sophisticated and well organized virus industry designed to infiltrate our computers, invade our privacy and rob our online accounts. Conventional anti virus software free or otherwise are largely ineffective against this new wave of computer threats.

    PC Matic Home Security has taken all of the security features of PC Matic and placed them in a single package. We included Super Shield white list real time protection. Our white list approach blocks polymorphic viruses that defeat virtually all the real time protection on the market.

    Lastly, we include vulnerability automatic patch management. Modern viruses enter surreptitiously through holes in out of date software entirely without your knowledge nor your consent. To be sure, one only need to visit a compromised web site and not click on anything, and you can be infected. PC Matic Super Shield closes all of these holes making your computers substantially more secure for online browsing.

    We are offering PC Matic Home Security for free for non commercial purposes.

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  • What is SuperShield?

    SuperShield is PC Pitstop's proprietary real time security technology designed to take maximum advantage of Cloud Computing to keep your PC safe from online threats.
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Windows 10 Compatible

Microsoft Windows 10 Supported

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