In March 2011, PC Pitstop introduced a new technology for its flagship PC Matic product - called Super Shield. Super Shield is designed from the ground up to take maximum advantage of Cloud Computing to keep your PC safe from online threats.

Super Shield is PC Pitstop's proprietary real time technology. First off, Super Shield is designed to be lightweight and run quietly in the background. This alone is a significant industry achievement. As you already know, solutions from some of the best known names in security can bog your system to a painfully slow crawl.

In addition Super Shield makes an even bigger advancement in the fight against malware. Super Shield’s new technology blocks all the malware before it’s even been written. We are confident that Super Shield will keep PC's safer than any other real time protection on the market today.

PC Matic with Super Shield - Free Download

Development History of Super Shield

In May 2010, PC Pitstop released its groundbreaking research, called The State of the Security Industry. There were three key findings from this study.

1) Rogue Security Software is on the rise.

There is a new category of online threats called rogue security software. This is software that pretends that you have a virus. It will not release control of the PC until payment is made to remove the "virus". This is despite the fact that close to 80% of the computers were running real time protection. Clearly there are gaping holes in the models of all security software if a whole new category of viruses can sprout from nothing in the last 3 years.

2) No security software is perfect.

The key finding is that no matter what product one is using, they all have holes. Some are better at detecting spyware and others are better at detecting viruses, but they all have problems, and no product eliminates the risk of viruses entirely. This, we believe, is very different from customer expectation. That is, if a customer is paying for security software, they want to feel bullet proof and immune to online threats. This is certainly not the case.

3) The Solution is in the Cloud.

The reason that PC Pitstop was able to produce this groundbreaking research is through the use of the cloud. Whenever we run a PC Matic computer scan, all of the security results are stored on our servers so that we can aggregate and present this unique view of the state of the security industry.

Based on these results, we became confident that we could create a better security product based on cloud computing principles. In October 2010, PC Pitstop introduced its real time protection into the market with little fanfare. All existing PC Matic users received our new real time protection automatically. At that time our real time protection was no better and no worse than any of the many security options on the market today. There was one big exception. Every call to the real time engine and the result from that call was placed in the cloud. We now had a view of the security industry available to no one else in the world. There were two conclusions from this study.

1) User behavior is a big issue.

We have all seen users that are highly impatient and begin clicking on boxes in an effort to continue their task at hand. The #1 reason that an online threat infects a computer is user behavior. The real time protection engine properly alerts of a warning, but instead of heeding the advice, the user chooses to ignore the warning and execute the malicious software

2) As of this writing we have recorded 14,892 bad or harmful files.

The reason this is important is because we now have the industry's first list of good executable files. This is a direct result of storing information in the cloud.

PC Matic with Super Shield - Free Download

What is Super Shield?

All security products use what is referred to as a "black list approach". By this, we mean that each security product attempts to maintain a list of all the bad pieces of software since the beginning of time. The problem is that as the number of pieces of bad software escalates, it is a never-ending battle to keep this monster list up to date. Super Shield has access to this black list, but in addition, Super Shield uses the industry's only good list. Super Shield blocks everything that is not on the good list.

This unique approach has enormous advantages. Although the list of good software is rather large, good software manufacturers are not actively trying to escape detection. Furthermore, the list of good software is not growing quite as fast as the list of bad software.

Super Shield by default automatically blocks any software not on the good list. The user will get a notification that the software has been blocked. The user, if they wish to truly run the software, can go into advanced mode to allow the software to run.

Using this unique paradigm plus Cloud Computing has allowed us to give you what we believe is the best real time protection on the market. Super Shield blocks all the bad stuff, period. The only trade off is that despite the fact we have been collecting good software for a few years, the list is still growing. There is still a small chance that Super Shield will block a good piece of software. Of course, there is still the option to let it run in advanced mode, and the incidence of false positives will decrease every day until it is truly negligible.

PC Matic with Super Shield - Free Download

What does this mean to me?

If you are an existing PC Matic customer, you do not need to do anything. You will get this feature automatically and free of charge. If you are not an existing PC Matic customer, this is yet another reason to purchase PC Matic, the only solution that takes care of security, performance, stability and Internet speed.

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