TechExpress is a unique feature of PC Pitstop that allows others to view the details of your PC Pitstop tests. In particular, once you post your TechExpress identification number on the Pitstop Forums, our vibrant community can help you solve virtually any PC problem free and quickly. You might even make some new friends while doing it. To obtain your TechExpress ID to solve your problem is a quick simple 3 step process.

  1. Register - First you must have a valid registration on PC Pitstop. If you do not, just follow the simple registration process. Anonymous testers cannot use TechExpress.
  2. Run Tests - Once you have registered, just run the PC Pitstop tests, and then follow the TechExpress links on the summary page to get your TechExpress ID. You can load results from previous tests and create a TechExpress ID for them as well.
  3. Post your ID - Post your TechExpress ID on the Pitstop forums. Note: you will need to register separately for the Pitstop Forums. Once you have posted, you will receive quickly many helpful suggestions and responses to your inquiry.

Enjoy and Happy Computing!

The PitCrew

If you are having difficulty getting your ID, please see our step by step instructions.


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