TechExpress - Step by Step Instructions

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This page will show you how to post PC Pitstop Test Results on the PC Pitstop Forum, aka, The Pit. First, you need to go to the PC Pitstop Test Page and run a test on your computer. You will need to Register or Log In to do so. First step... Register or Log in.

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When you log in, you'll be taken to this screen:

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If you choose "Scan this System" you will be taken to this screen:

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Click on "Let's go!" to run your test.

After you've tested your computer, you will be taken to this screen:

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Note the URL in the address bar.

If you logged into your existing account or clicked "System Browser" in the OverDrive Menu, you will be taken to this screen. This lists the latest test for all previous computers you have scanned with OverDrive:

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Clicking on a date under 'Test Results will again take you to the 'Recommended Fixes' screen for that test. Note that "&report=Summary" has been added after the conid number in these results. This will need to be removed to display your test results through the Tech Express link in your profile.

Highlight and copy the URL for the "Recommended Fixes" page for the test results you wish to display. If you want to share your results in an email or on the forum, simply paste the URL in your email or post and you are done.

If you want to add your test results to your TechExpress link in your profile, highlight and copy the URL from the "Recommended Fixes" page for the test results you want to display. Then go to the PC Pitstop forum, click on "My Controls" at the top right of the forum, then on "Edit Profile Info", in the section labeled "Personal Profile". Paste the URL into the TechExpress Link field, removing "&report=Summary", if necessary. That's all there is to it.

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And please remember, the field in your profile for TechExpress links is not to be used for anything else. It is not a second signature, or a place to put silly comments. Anything other than TechExpress links placed in this field will be deleted, and a warning issued. Thanks!