PC Pitstop Cookies

While visiting PC Pitstop, you will receive browser cookies. This page provides information on what cookies do, the cookies that PC Pitstop uses, and our recommended browser cookie settings.

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What are cookies?

A browser cookie is a small piece of data that a web site may place on your hard drive to keep track of certain information. Cookies generally fall into one of two categories: session or persistent. Session cookies are only used for the duration of your visit to a Web site, and are removed when you leave the site. Persistent cookies store data between visits to a site.

What cookies does PC Pitstop use?

PC Pitstop use both session and persistent cookies, as described above. You must accept some of these cookies for the site to work, but others are optional. Here are the details on the cookies that we use:

What other cookies are used?

PC Pitstop works with third-party agencies to sell advertising on our site. Some of these agencies use cookies in their advertising graphics, primarily to ensure that you do not view the same ad too many times. We do not control the issuing or use of these cookies, and they are not required for proper operation of the PC Pitstop site.

What cookie settings does PC Pitstop suggest?

To use the site properly, we recommend these settings for Internet Explorer 6. If you are using an older version of IE we suggest that you upgrade because the cookie settings in IE6 provide more control than earlier versions.

For Internet Explorer 6:

Select Tools | Internet options | Privacy tab, and click the Advanced button.

Select the following options:

  • Override automatic cookie handling
  • First-party cookies: Accept
  • Third-party cookies: Block
  • Always allow session cookies

Click the image at right for a detailed view of the dialog showing the recommended settings.

If you are having problems with cookies at our site, we recommend that you disable any cookie managers or other browser add-ins that you may be using.