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Introducing Optimize 2.0
New performance tweaks, deeper scanning, enhanced Internet optimization & more ... Rescan your PC!
The Long Journey: XP SP 3
SP3 is finally seeing the light of day. Is it everything that we hope it will be?
Vista SP 1
Will this new Service Pack coax more people to switch to Vista?
The Top Ten of 2007
Our most popular articles, videos and tips of the past year are gathered here just for you.
Win $500
Cash in with 100 Millionth Test
Nearly 100 million tests have been run at PC Pitstop. Run the 100 millionth and win $500.
2008: Death of the DVD
Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD may not matter with the death of the DVD on the horizon.
Driver Alert
Driver Alert
PC Update
Improve system functionality & stability.
Free Spyware Scan
Stop Spyware from slowing your PC.
Disk Health
Disk MD
Drive Refresh
Keep your Hard Drives working at full speed!
Personal Data Profiler
PC Profiler
Learn what others may discover about you!
Win Patrol Free Trial
PC Watchdog
Who is watching your PC's front door?
Full Test
Full Test
PC Checkup
Most complete
PC analysis available.
Printer Survey Results
Check out the initial analysis of the December Printer Survey responses.
The Future of Firewire
What percentage of PCs come firewire capable? Will firewire be the tranfser
tool of the future?
Photo Printing
Does anyone print their photos at home? Help us find out!
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Send Big files & Photos
Send large files fast with this quick tip from Chas47448.
Multiple Home Page Tabs
Open several different pages as your home pages in Firefox with this tip from JackeL.
SECURE Windows
APK shares tweaks for securing Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 and Vista.
* $100 goes to the best tips each month.
Special WinZip Offer
Save 15% on the purchase of WinZip 11.1 Pro & WinZip Email Companion 2.0.
Pitstop has Soul
10 lucky Pitstoppers will win a free R&B Ultimate Grammy Collection CD.
Hey Bike Lovers!
Your source for great savings on OEM and aftermarket powersports parts and accessories!
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