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This Month
I Hate this Keyboard!
There is no love lost between Dave and his Toshiba laptop keyboard.
Black Rhinos,White Elephants
Steve embarks on an exploration of the oftentimes unpredictable world of laptop keyboards.
Keyboards of the Future
Find out why keyboards of the near future will never be the same.
Spam-Leave Me Alone
The Tachometers put a Grand Ole Opry spin on one of today's hottest issues.
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Optimize 2.0 - Try Now!
Now with a deeper registry scan and even more tweaks to maximize the performance of your PC!

Bits From Bill
IE 8 Beta
Trying out Microsoft's latest flavor of Internet Explorer may not be for the faint of heart.
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Driver Alert
Driver Alert
PC Update
Improve system functionality & stability.
Free Spyware Scan
Stop Spyware from slowing your PC.
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Disk MD
Drive Refresh
Keep your Hard Drives working at full speed!
Personal Data Profiler
PC Profiler
Learn what others may discover about you!
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PC Watchdog
Who is watching your PC's front door?
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PC Checkup
Most complete
PC analysis available.
PC Trends
SPAM Survey Results
The results of the Spam survey are in. Find out what plagues email users the most.
Video Contest Winner
Check out the winner of the PC Pitstop Tachometers Music Video Contest!
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Tech Tips
MSN Favorites in Firefox
Having trouble transferring Favorites? Try this nifty tip from Adamsappleone.
Free Home Music Server
Need to access your tunes when you're not at home? Check out this tip from Bruce.
Disappearing Desktop?
If your taskbar vanishes, you've got a problem. To fix it, try this tip from bicycle bill.
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