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This Month
The Road Ahead
Rob addresses the masses about our future: SaaS, Optimize and Craplets, OverDrive comes out of beta.
From Bloat to Craplet
There is more junk installed on your out of the box comptuer than you think. Craplets are everywhere.
How to Rev Up a Vista Machine
Clean the junk out of your Vista machine and improve upon out-of-the-box configuration step by step.
Song: You're Not Me
The Tachometers have done it again! Tune in to this song about Identity Theft and tell us your story!
PC Pitstop
Product Updates
Optimize Now Removes Craplets
Optimize now finds & removes hundreds of those useless programs that keep your PC from running at peak performance.
OverDrive Out of Beta
OverDrive, the redesign of our world renowned Full Tests, is officially out of beta and now scans for cookies.
Free Scans
Driver Alert
Driver Alert
PC Update
Improve system functionality & stability.
Free Spyware Scan
Stop Spyware from slowing your PC.
Disk Health
Disk MD
Drive Refresh
Keep your Hard Drives working at full speed!
Personal Data Profiler
PC Profiler
Learn what others may discover about you!
Win Patrol Free Trial
PC Watchdog
Who is watching your PC's front door?
Full Test
PC Checkup
Most complete
PC analysis available.
PC Trends
Help, Help! Save my XP!
XP will be going the way of the dinosaurs: what you can do to prepare for XP exinction.
Installed RAM - XP vs. Vista
How has the release of Vista affected the trend in average RAM installed? Check out our most recent research!
Search Survey Results
How does the average user find information online and what search engines are they using?
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Tech Tips
Handy MS Word tip
This is a handy tip for paragraph pasters. Thanks Paultx for this life-simplifying tip.
Icon restore
With this handy tip from morbidbutterfly, you'll never have to manually arrange your desktop again.
Reclaim CPU power: Vista boot
Got high CPU usage after you boot? This great tip from LordMordred saves your computer and frees up CPU power.
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Corel® MediaOne™ Plus Software for just $19.99!
Save 60% ($30 off) on Corel® MediaOne™ Plus ($49.99 retail).
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