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What's New at PC Pitstop, October 2005

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Gator and WhenU Users Still Unaware

Gator and WhenU have both gone on campaigns to tell the world they have changed their install tactics. Our exclusive surveys of actual Gator and WhenU users indicate that although progress is being made, a majority of people are still confused about the presence of these programs on their PCs.

Nearly 40% of PC's can burn DVDs

What's hot in the PC industry? DVD burners, that's for sure. Close to 40% of the PC's last month could burn a DVD; nearly 70% could play a DVD movie. That's enough to make the movie industry excited and worried at the same time!

Do You Skype?

eBay announced last month that they were purchasing a voice- over-IP (VOIP) company named Skype that lets PC users make free phone calls over their Internet connection. We decided to take a look inside the numbers. Skype is definitely on the rise, and eBay has entered this growing communications market with a bang.

Recall: HP Notebook Batteries

This month, Hewlett Packard announced it is recalling 135,000 battery packs that were sold with several different models of Compaq and HP noteboks. These battery packs can overheat due to an internal short, which may lead to melting and even fires. If you have a Compaq or HP notebook, visit the web site below to see if your model and battery is affected.

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