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Unable to load the PC Pitstop utility

Here are the most common causes and solutions to problems:

  1. Try Rebooting: Sometimes, the tried and true reboot will set everything right. Reboot your PC, then browse back to the test page and try loading the utility again.
  2. Security Certificate: You may have answered NO when you were presented with the security certificate. You must accept the certificate so that PCPitStop can install the utility and diagnose any problems on your PC.
  3. Incorrect IE Security Settings: Your Internet Explorer security may be set so that you cannot accept ActiveX controls (PCPitStop's utility is an ActiveX control) or do not have JavaScript enabled The default IE security settings will ask you whether you want to accept controls rather than blocking them. To restore the defaults in Internet Explorer, follow these instructions.
  4. Old or incomplete PC Pitstop utility: You have an earlier version of the PCPitStop utility, or one that is not installed correctly. You will need to delete the control and reinstall it. See the frequently asked questions section for instructions.
  5. More Help: For more information on possible causes, go to our troubleshooting page.



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