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Sorry you're having trouble with the site; let's take a look at what the problem could be. The following advice is based on an automatic analysis of your system, and the items listed below are by far the most common causes of the problems that people have when using our site.

We suggest that you try all the solutions we have identified below; one or more of them will most likely get you past the problem you're having.

  • JavaScript is disabled. The PC Pitstop testing process requires that you have JavaScript turned on. Check your ActiveX support for more information and instructions.

  • Disable any background applications, firewall programs, or browser utilities including web accelerators, ad blockers, ZoneAlarm, or Norton Internet Security. These may corrupt the scripts and files used by PC Pitstop, causing them to malfunction.

  • If you get a pop-up that says an ActiveX control on this page is unsafe, then your IE security is set too high. The PC Pitstop tests require the Medium security zone settings to function properly.

  • If you are using IE6 or IE7 and are continuing to experience a loop when trying to load the PC Pitstop utility, go to: Tools | Manage Add-ons | Add-ons currently loaded in Internet Explorer and also | Add-ons that have been used by Internet Explorer and verify that all Active X add-ons from PC Pitstop are enabled.

  • If your system crashes during the video test in part 2 (RunTests2.asp), your video driver is at fault. To work around the problem you can turn off acceleration. To do this, click Start | Settings | Control Panel | System | Performance. Click the Graphics button and move the slider for acceleration all the way to the left. You will need to restart your system for the change to take effect.

  • Make sure your system has all the latest patches and fixes from Microsoft by visiting the Windows Update site. If Windows Update does not work properly on your system, it is very likely PC Pitstop will not work either. To fix the problems, try the procedures in the Microsoft Windows Update FAQ.

  • Using our debugging page, you can get more information about where the tests are failing and skip some of the tests if they are causing trouble. Go to our debugging page and follow the instructions there.

If you post a help request on the BBS, the support staff may ask for this information:

If you're still having trouble, you might be able to test successfully by going directly to one of our web servers, Server1.

And, if that doesn't work, try posting a message on our support forums and explain the problem you're seeing in detail. Be sure to mention that you have already tried the suggestions on this Troubleshooting page.

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