PC Pitstop, the makers of PC Matic, endeavor to put an end to this common hoax.

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What is the Hoax? What is the Solution?

Infinite Alert Hoax Example

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Web sites are being penetrated to display an infected page that places a Javascript Alert inside an infinite loop. To the user, they are unable to escape from a dialog box and cannot navigate to other tabs. It appears as if the browser is locked. The page displays ominous warnings about virus infections, pornography, and lost personal information, frequently accompanied by a robovoice reinforcing the message. To "fix" the problem, users are urgently advised to call a toll free number. The call is transfered to India, where the attendant tries to gain control of the user's computer. Once inside, they display many false warning messages and finally try to charge between $400 - $600 to "clean" the problem.

PC Pitstop, the makers of PC Matic, has developed a technology to block the hoax and gather the telephone numbers the hoax is employing.

We Can't Do This Without You

Our goal is to end this hoax once and for all. There are two elements of our strategy. First, we will publish all the phone numbers we find related to the hoax. As we monitor their attacks, we will continue to add new hoax telephone numbers. The second element is you. There are a lot more of us than them. If we unite behind this cause, we can force them out of business quickly. By calling these numbers, it will flood their phone queues, and their attendants will be unable to attend to their "real customers". This will force their revenue down. The more we do it, the lower their revenue, until the businesses behind this hoax become insolvent.

Call the numbers on the list as often as you like. Once on the phone, we think you should make the phone call last as long as possible. If they figure out you know they are a hoax, they will hang up and try to find a "real customer". Pretend to be a concerned novice user that talks very slowly, and needs a lot of hand holding. Make long pauses. Be creative. The goal is to burn up a lot of their time and have some fun while doing it. Our measurement for success is hold times. Typically, one must wait just a few seconds to get to one of their Indian phone representatives. We need to drive wait times into the stratosphere. Please join the discussion in our forums.

Hoax Phone Numbers


Join the Team

Submit your email to receive a full list of these infected sites.

We are archiving the URLs of infected web sites. By joining the team, we will provide these URLs. This is a great social experiment, and we will keep team members up to date on the fight to make the business of this hoax defunct. Come join us.

Why is PC Matic Doing This?

Perhaps the largest security hole in our nation's digital infrastructure is that many of the companies in the security industry care more about profits than security. In fact, many companies' profits increase due to the lack of security in our world. We believe that security software should solve security problems first, and generate profits second.

Our technology to block this hoax is based on a white list. We analyze the telephone number in the Javascript alert. The alert appears only if the telephone number is on the white list. All others are blocked added to the Hoax Phone Number List. PC Matic's real time protection is based on a white list. We hope this experiment draws attention to the power of white listing and the superiority of PC Matic's real time protection.

To our great and loyal customers. We could not accomplish these great things without your continued loyalty. In addition to not getting infected with viruses or ransomware, you will not be exposed to this hoax. Thank you.

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