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"My computer was sluggish and the Internet was slow. I tried other applications and even took my PC to a local repair shop. Nothing worked. After running PC Pitstop's Optimize, my PC is running better than it ever has! I am a very satisfied customer!" Jim-Iowa
"I always did maintenance on my own. With PC Matic I don't have to check back to see if all the steps were taken. They just are and my computer runs fast." -Sharon
"It was very easy to download. It does everything the ads say it will do. My pc has been really slow for a long time. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't afford to have someone come out and 'fix' it. When I ran PC Matic it 'fixed' the problem right away! I was so happy!!!!!!!!! :) Thank you PC Matic!" -Gloria

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PC Matic

PC Pitstop PC Matic is the collection of all of PC Pitstop's technologies under one hood and one integrated architecture. PC Matic is an easy-to-use application that identifies and repairs all the common problems found by OverDrive, Optimize, Exterminate, Driver Alert, and DiskMD all in one product! With a one-click "Fix All" feature, you'll never have to run multiple programs to get a thorough clean ever again! Run our Free PC Matic Scan Now!

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Scan with PC Magnum!

PC Pitstop PC Magnum protects your privacy by removing personal information and internet history stored on your computer. Automate the cleaning process and never worry about your PC privacy again. Keep what you do on your computer to yourself, get protected from identity theft and snooping now with PC Pitstop PC Magnum. Run our Free Privacy Scan Now!

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Scan with Optimize

PC Pitstop Optimize 3.0 has a free scan that identifies many common problems that plague most computers. Optimize is an easy-to-use application that complements our web site by fixing many common issues. Optimize quickly and easily assesses your computer and provides a detailed report on how to improve your computer's performance. Our latest version has twice the performance tweaks and a more robust Internet tuner. Run our Free Optimize 3.0 Scan Now!

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