PC Pitstop Disk MD 3.0

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Every day your PC is in use, files are being written and erased from your hard drive. Over the space of days, months and years, your hard drive becomes fragmented. The performance benefits to disk defragmentation can be enormous. We have observed real life systems with files that have as many as 10,000 fragments! In these cases, your hard drive begins thrashing and the time to read a file increases by over a hundred times.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, and XP.
Disk MD 3.0 Free Scan

Run the all new Disk MD 3.0 Free Scan now and receive:

  • In Depth Disk Free Space Analysis
  • Detailed Disk Composition Report
  • Top 10 Most Fragmented Files Report
  • Top 10 Largest Files Report
  • Data Fragmentation Analysis

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PC Pitstop Disk MD helps the disk health for any PC running Windows Vista, Windows XP or 2000.

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NEW Features and Benefits

  • NEW! Schedule Defrag Scans - Defragment when and where you want.
  • NEW! Historical Reporting - Access any of your saved scan results
  • NEW! Receive Defrag Scan Result Reports Via Email
  • NEW! Detailed File Size Analysis - View Your Top 10 Largest Files
  • NEW! Detailed Disk Composition Analysis - (Video, Audio, Pictures ...)
  • NEW! Detailed Disk Allocation Analysis
  • NEW! Streamlined User Interface - Now Even Easier to Use
  • NEW! Automatic Updates - No Need to Upgrade the Application
  • NEW! Defrags Mount Points
  • Quick and detailed Fragmentation Scan
  • Easy Step-By-Step Wizard Format
  • Thoroughly Defragments Window XP's Restore Points Files
  • Defragments Free Space
  • Optimizes file location for greater performance
  • Provides Detailed list of Most Fragmented File
  • Supports removable drives

How is Disk MD 3.0 different from other defrag products on the market?

#1. Like No Other Disk Optimization Product Out There

Keeping your hard drive at peak performance is essential for a well running computer. When disk performance degrades, system performance drops dramatically since the hard drive is the slowest computer subsystem. Disk MD is the perfect disk optimizer for all your PC's with great reports, fast defragmentation, and unparalleled background scheduling.

#2. A Revolutionary Scheduler

Disk MD breaks new ground allowing you to schedule and maintain all of your PC's remotely. No longer must you visit each of your PC's each month to make sure they are running optimally.

#3. Great Reports

Disk MD analyzes and reports vast amounts of information related to disk performance. Each and every time you run a disk optimization a detailed report is generated and archived. Furthermore for remote scanning and defragmentation, an optional email report can also be sent.

Get the Most Out of Disk MD 3.0

Disk MD will walk you through each step to squeeze the most performance out of your system. Also, we cannot stress enough the importance of closing all applications during the disk defragmentation.

To maximize the performance improvement from disk defragmentation, one must do more than run a disk defragger on a semi periodic basis. Routine system maintenance as listed below should always be done BEFORE a defrag, and never after.

  • clearing internet cache
  • deleting temporary files
  • deleting junk mail
  • removing seldom used programs
  • and so on

PC Pitstop has helped over a hundred million of computers through our free and automated diagnostics. Through these millions of interactions, PC Pitstop has developed best-of-breed applications such as Optimize, Erase, Exterminate, and Driver Alert. Disk MD continues the tradition.

If you have further questions on Disk MD before or after you buy, participate in discussion forums or check out the frequently asked questions. For questions related to your purchase, use our customer service page. The trial version is limited to scan only. Click here to purchase 1-year subscription to Disk MD 3.0 now for $29.99.

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